For more than fifteen years, Aaron Brand has shown his work at a number of traditional and non-traditional venues. He has appeared in print and online publications, on television and in fine art galleries. Current venues featuring Aaron’s work are listed in the events calendar on the home page.

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Aaron’s new works are informed by geometric abstraction and, in their hard-edge style and angularity, bear a resemblance to both early 20th century painters such as Ilya Bolotowsky and contemporary painters such as Bryce Hudson .

Another comparison might be the geometric, minimal pieces that sprang out of the Italian Futurist movement or—perhaps most accurate of all— Concrete Art , an abstract style that is described by the Tate Modern as being entirely free of any basis in observed reality and that has no symbolic meaning.

Clinical as this description of Aaron's new work may seem, it is in fact liberating for Aaron and perhaps for a certain viewer as well. Aaron’s early pieces were often topical, addressing societal and political issues. His new works invite interpretation and, as non-literal pieces, may have an appeal that is less dated and more universal.